Sylvia Vrethammar – an international acclaimed artist, whose repertoire ranges from swinging Jazz over South-American rhythms all the way to the modern pop song.

Photocredit: Manfred Esser

R. Köchl * JazzThing
„This Lady was definitely born on the wrong side of the planet. Because Sylvia Vrethammar, (…) dedicated her whole artist-life consequently, seriously and with passion to Jazz and the Bossa Nova (…) Amazingly authentic for a Scandinavian artist.“

Randy * Amazon
Masterpiece: A melange from Jazz and Brazillian rhythms … The album “The Girl from Uddevalla” so far is my “coup de coeur” for this year and I can only recommend it to everyone who loves such styles as vocal, bossa nova, jazz, latin etc. – the album has it all. Congratulations!

Martin Stuttgart * Journalist
“The CD „Champagne“ is a masterpiece, why say something less?”

Anders Björkman * Expressen
“Bossa Nova has always been the trademark for Sylvia and she knows how to work with these rhythms in a perfect way.”

Per Bjurman * Aftonbladet
“The most beautiful dress oft the Grand Prix week, the weekʼs most beautiful voice, the weekʼs most beautiful song – and the weekʼs most beautiful, of course.”

Mogens Möller Olegen * Journalist Denmark
“She has an amazing charisma that makes you feel good as soon as she walks on stage!”

Bengt Nordström * Gränslöst
“From now on she belongs tot he inner circle of great jazz singers.”

Margareta Sjögren * Svenska Dagbladet
“Sylvia is still my absolute favourite in this difficult genre, that she masters to perfection!”

Hans Fridlund * Expressen
“Sylviaʼs CD „Something My Heart Might Say“ is a little marvel of playful noise!”

Krister Wistbacka * Journalist Denmark
“A glittering full blooded artist!”

NN * Journalist Germany
“Big Band tunes, Brazilian Samba or modern pop-songs, this Swedish artist is musically at home in almost every genre!”

NN * Westfälische Rundschau
“When „La Vrethammar“ appears on German TV screens, the local „Schlagersingers“ get sweaty hands. This Scandinavian Lady has more vocal ability and entertainment qualities than most of any of our popmidgets.
Sylvia is equipped with a very stretchable alto-voice and has a perfect rhythmic timing. She dances with the lyrics! Great artist! Great songs! To say it with a song title: Thatʼs Entertainment!”

Tony Kaplan * Arbetet
“You have to enjoy Sylvia with open senses. The sensual appearance of her voice paired with her unique microphone technique creates an inviting intimacy!”

NN * Göteborgs Posten
“The repertoire is a good mix and her spontaneity, her humour plus the close work with the outstanding big band was way beyond expectations! Wonderful!”